grassff Grass Flip Flops


Grass Flip Flops were created to bring a fun, unique style to everyday flip flops & to your every day life!

We line our Grass Flip Flops with a life-like quality synthetic grass

As you walk on the grass, it conforms to your feet to provide a custom, comfortable fit.

grassff2About Grass Flip Flops

No watering or mowing required!

Grass Flip Flops are a great footwear option for men, women and kids who love to express themselves and don’t mind setting trends. Be prepared for people to stop and ask about your crafty shoes, and be sure to tell them that GFF Grass Flip Flops are the highest quality synthetic grass sandals on the market. The GFF label stands for durability, originality and quality unlike any other! No watering or mowing required.