VIP Home and Garden

VIP Home and Garden is an international importer and wholesaler of home and garden decor. Overseas ordering, product planning, and importing can be a daunting task. We know the complications and problems that can arise from working with factories from all over the globe. We offer our expertise and knowledge to help ease the burden of this process. We can order single items, partial containers, or full containers from our factories and deliver them directly to you with no more hassle than placing a regular order.

We devote much of our time to the planning, designing, and production of our items, both for sale at VIP and for our customers. We take pride in our designs and offer our design services to all of our customers. We have adopted the simple idea that if we are to do something, we should do it right. It is this mindset that we strive to instill into our factories and employees. We strive to offer quality, well manufactured products. Each step of our design, production, and packaging process revolves around the idea that we must deliver quality items.