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Dylan Jacob started BrüMate at 21 with a passion for creating, and the belief that innovation is at the core of every great brand. He saw an enormous amount of opportunity in the drinkware and cooler category, and set out on a mission to build a brand that was truly different. A brand that was focused on constantly pushing the boundaries on innovation, listens to their customers, creates and fosters community, always strives to be better and ultimately a brand that he, their team and their customers are proud to support.

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Candle Warmers Etc. was founded in 2001 after a neighbour’s devasting fire. We’ve made an art form out of combining home fragrance and aromatherapy experiences with high-end home décor. Our team of experienced designers put extensive effort into trend research and product development to bring the most beautifully functional pieces into your home. Each home décor item reflects the time and consideration that goes into every detail of our home fragrance and aromatherapy products. We remain committed to continuing in the company's tradition of family culture and constant innovation.


COCO + CARMEN is an independent brand that is sold in specialty stores and boutiques throughout the United States and Canada.

Our beautiful collection of apparel, jewelry, handbags and accessories allow you to make the ultimate fashion statement. We design with you in mind while keeping an eye on what’s “in” so that you can exude casual glam.  

Our innovative apparel, statement-making handbags and must-have accessories have helped countless women look and feel amazing. Every piece is designed to fit, flatter and spark joy while telling a story. It is also for those who desire on trend pieces at an affordable cost. Stylish and sensible.  

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Duke Cannon hails from a simpler time. A time when the term handyman was redundant. A time when chivalry and patriotism weren’t considered old-fashioned. A time when you never put the word salad next to bar.

As any historian worth his salt will tell you, this country was built by folks with a sense of purpose. Duke Cannon’s purpose is simple: to make superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men. Our products are tested by soldiers, not boy bands. And they’re made in a little place we like to call the United States of America.

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Get Sauced has been in the business of providing award-winning, quality barbeque & hot sauces, glazes, seasonings and rubs for over 31 years. Our family-owned business in Edmonton, Alberta is proud to be 100% Canadian-owned and operated. With 31 premium products, you will find the perfect product to compliment and enhance any dish. You can tell everyone that these were your house blends, we won’t tell anyone.

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Mad Man meets the needs of all men. When the brand was first founded in Chicago, Mad Man was positioned as a street brand; however over time, it has grown to be more sophisticated while still maintaining the edgy vibe that inspired its roots. We appeal to everyone from the hipster to the executive. The Mad Man is everyman. He is a pretty awesome dude. He is a dear friend, a husband, a son. He is a father, a brother, a teacher, a coach.He is the guy next door. He shows up when needed. He doesn’t avoid a challenge. He strives to succeed and to do better. Every man wants to be a Mad Man


McSteven’s has been a purveyor of fine and gourmet gifts for over 35 years! From our beginnings in Portland, Oregon to our current business in Vancouver, Washington, we have always strived to bring you the highest of quality and the best for each season and holiday. We love each customer we get to work with, big and small! Please give us a call or drop by our factory store, we have lots to show you, and you can try a sample while viewing our historic cocoa tin collection!

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The Park Hill Collection is a gathering of objects selected that bring happy memories of childhood and things we just fell in love with. Many are exclusive antique reproductions to help satisfy our nostalgic desire for the way things used to be and yet timeless for contemporary living. Combining these objects in various ways will create a personal statement all your own. Whether looking for a period charm piece of furniture, an accessory to freshen up your space or just wanting to infuse a spirit of playfulness, you’ll find it here..

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Scrub-Wow cleans just about everything! Safe for and cleans teflon pots & pans, stainless cookware, glass stove tops, granite, tiles, refrigerators, countertops. In the bathroom, safe for & cleans glass, hard Water deposits, marble and acrylic surfaces, chrome, laminate & hardwood flooring. At the outdoors, patio furniture, pool liners, garden tools, boats, golf clubs. It even cleans bugs from your car windshield. Scrub-Wow cleans them all. Try One, you’re going to love them. Just use Scrub-Wow, liquid soap and warm water.

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Special T is a wholesale importer of fine products which include Home and Garden Accessories in, Seasonal, Holiday and Garden as well as Floral Accents.  We maintain offices in Woodland CA and Xiamen China.

As a new company launching in 2015, we understand that we need to earn your trust and to do that we are committed to providing quality products at what we feel is the very best pricing structure in the industry along with providing an exemplary customer care experience.


Since 1988, Young’s Inc. has been providing customers with quality giftware, home decor and fashion accessories at affordable prices. This year, we celebrate 28 years in business.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who supported us throughout the years and continued to support us as we grow steadily each year. We are committed to making sure our passion has remained the same since the beginning – to design and provide exceptional home decor, giftware and fashion products to our customers at great value.

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